Trisha's Secret Midnight Meet

Trisha often comes across as a petite and fragile girl onscreen but it is often discussed in cine circles that she is a ‘wild’ cat off the screen. While that is one side, here is another tidbit got from a source.

Apparently, after the audio release function of her film ‘Teen Maar’ it is heard that Trisha stayed back that night in Hyderabad. Grapevine is that she spent her time with Prabhas. Few other sources say even Prabhas was not accessible at that point of time.

Well, all know about their friendship so those who heard this said “What’s wrong? Both of them must be busy spending some private moments. They are ‘close’ friends and must have had some ‘late night dinner’ plans”. The last statement came with a wink and tongue-in-cheek expression though.